PVTI Carbon Black (P) Ltd.


About us


“Over the past 4 decades the Carbon Black industry has evolved and adapted in the face of technological advances occurring in the environment. Recent progress has perhaps touched every aspect involved in the process of manufacturing carbon black. Advances in reactor, air pre-heater and wet pelletizer technology has raised efficiency of the process resulting in a superior quality end product at a lower cost of production. Such changes have marked a new era in the growth and evolution of this industry.”                                                                         

-Anil Kumar




Anil Kumar, Chemical Engineer

About the President:

Mr. Anil Kumar, the president of PVTI, is a man with more than 39 years of managerial experience in the carbon black industry. He has been in charge of carbon black plant commissioning teams for 15 projects spanning across 5 different countries.  Mr. Anil Kumar is a world renowned figure in Carbon Black industry. He is a consultant for upcoming carbon black projects in various parts of the world i.e. Middle East, Europe, USA and Southeast Asia.  He has been a recipient of the prestigious Quimpro Silver Standard,  Deming award, and Ram Krishna Bajaj award for his excellence in quality management systems. Mr. Anil Kumar was also awarded the “Man of the Year – 1995” in the field of science and technology in Thailand. He is the founder member and current Chairman of Carbon Black Perspective in Asia Pacific.

Mr Anil Kumar is the Member of ASTM D24 committee for Carbon Black and Associate member of Institute of Chemical Engineers, UK.